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Having your hair in braids is one of the three ideal ways to wear your hair under a wig. While not as flat as other styles, it allows the hair to be protected and makes it easier to maintain your hair. Our traditional cornrows in the straight-back style minimize the lumps or bumps under the wig. At Angela Hair Braiding LLC, we can give you cornrows in a wide variety of styles. We have styles to wear under a wig and long, bold braids that will allow you to express your style loud and proud. When it comes to African hair braiding, you can never run out of options, including regular braids, twist braids, and our popular feed-in straight back cornrows. You can wear long braids on their own or accessorize them with beads. The feed-in style is a perfect fit for anyone, and it’s an excellent choice for any occasion. Whether you want your braids to be waist length, mid-back length, or short, our braiding team will make them look amazing. We also offer tree braids, which can be installed using the traditional cornrow technique or by making them into individual braids. With individual tree braids, your hair braider will incorporate human or synthetic extension hair into individual plaited braids. Our goal is to make your braids look precisely the way you desire so you can feel confident and beautiful. When you’re looking for gorgeous cornrows in Irving, TX, make an appointment with us today! Our options include lemonade braids, tribal braids, braided updos, and much more.