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Box Braids

Box braids are easily one of the most popular protective styles around. Box braids are available in various sizes, but small box braids the size of a pencil or smaller are among the most popular. In addition to being practical, small box braids have a great aesthetic look. They are easy to style and create different looks, making them an ideal protective style for your hair. Small box braids are versatile, beautiful, and timeless, from short, bob-length braids to ultra-long, hip-length braids and every length in between. At Angela Hair Braiding LLC, your hair braider can set your hair into any kind of box braid you desire. We can match your style and give you braids to fit your personality. Whether you want braids for a special occasion or an everyday look, you can count on our hair braiding staff to come through with excellent results. In addition to protecting your hair and looking great, these braids can also help your natural hair to grow. With the help of our professional hairstylists, we’ll help properly maintain your hair and keep it beautiful and healthy. Whether you’re looking for traditional box braids, micro braids, or Senegalese rose twists, we promise you’ll love the way your hair looks. Make an appointment for top-quality African hair braiding in Irving, TX today.